The iQ Group Global Privacy Policy

1      Purpose

1.1        The iQ Group Global is inclusive of the legal entities listed below and all subsidiaries of any legal entity listed: Clinical Research Corporation Pty Ltd, ACN 167 749 233; Capital Labs Pty Ltd, ACN 619 574 837; Farmaforce Ltd, ACN 167 748 843; Farmaforce APAC Pty Ltd, ACN165 988 849; GBS Inc.; IQ3Corp Ltd, ACN 160 238 282; IQ Capital LLC; IQX Limited, ACN155 518 380; IQX Investment Services Pty Ltd, ACN 163 056 371; Life Science Biosensor Diagnostics Pty Ltd, ACN 613 279 771; OncoTex Inc; OncoTex Pty Ltd, ACN 617 571 767; The iQ Group Global Ltd, ACN 149 731 644; and Life Science Operations Pty Ltd, ACN 604 944 523 (“The iQ Group Global”).

1.2        The iQ Group Global is committed to protecting your personal privacy. This policy covers how The iQ Group Global collects, maintains, uses and discloses personal information, which includes information about you as an identified or identifiable individual (Personal Information).

2      Scope

2.1       This Policy covers all employees of The iQ Group Global (whether full-time, part-time or casual) and all persons performing work at the direction of, in connection with, or on behalf of The iQ Group Global (for example contractors, subcontractors, agents, consultants, and temporary staff) (collectively ‘workplace participants’).

2.2       This policy does not form part of any workplace participant’s contract of employment or contract for services.

3      Commencement of Policy

3.1       This policy will commence on 1 November 2021. It replaces all other similar or related policies, if any, (whether written or not).

4      Definition

  1. ‘Personal Information’ refers to information or an opinion about employees which an employee’s identity can reasonably be ascertained. This includes any personal information, including but not limited to home address, email address, date of birth, previous employment details. The iQ Group Global only collects Personal Information that it needs for a Relevant Purpose.
  2. ‘Sensitive Information’ is a special category of Personal Information and includes information about a person’s health, race, or ethnic origin, political or religious beliefs, membership of a trade union or association, sexual preference or criminal record. The iQ Group Global will not disclose a person’s Sensitive Information without the person’s consent, unless there is a need to disclose such information in accordance with Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) or to comply with any other legislation.
  3. ‘Relevant Purpose’ is a purpose related to the person’s employment, interaction or engagement with The iQ Group Global whether it be prospective, current or retrospective. Examples of a Relevant Purpose include but are not limited to, recruitment, selection, training, development, consulting, counselling, or engagement of services.
  4. ‘Confidential Information’ includes (but is not limited to) the following, The iQ Group Global’s and its Related Bodies Corporate: trade secrets; intellectual property; confidential know-how; policies, systems and protocols; information about the business and its affairs such as pricing and fee information, marketing or strategic plans, commercial and business plans, financial information and data, and operational information and methods; methodologies and supporting documentation; software products, manuals and associated tools; commercial information in relation to current and prospective operations; information about suppliers, dealers, clients or customers such as their specific requirements, arrangements and past dealings; client lists, customer lists, supplier lists, dealer lists; customer, client and supplier lists; business cards and diaries, calendars or schedulers; reports; working papers; training manuals; equipment; computer information and programs; Personal and financial information of which employee’s become aware, and all other information obtained from The iQ Group Global or obtained in the course of an employee’s employment with The iQ Group Global that is by its nature confidential
  5. ‘Related Bodies Corporate’ as defined in the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth).

5      Collection of Personal Information


5.1       The iQ Group Global may collect and use Personal Information about you in order to provide you with products and services.

5.2       Generally collects your necessary Personal Information directly from you, whether in person, by telephone, online or in writing.

5.3       The iQ Group Global may collect aggregated information by using cookies or similar electronic platform.

Sensitive Information

5.4       The iQ Group Global does not normally collect or store ‘sensitive information’ (as defined in the Privacy Act), which includes information about ethnic origin, religious beliefs or health. If The iQ Group Global is required and able to collect sensitive information, the relevant representative will request for your consent prior to collecting sensitive information and letting you know the purpose.

Covid-19 Information

 5.5       The iQ Group Global aims to provide a COVID-safe place of work.

  1. To manage work health and safety risks in our workplace, when you attend any of The iQ Group Global’s offices, The iQ Group Global may ask for confirmation of your vaccination status
  2. For The iQ Group Global’s clients, a relevant Member will ask for your consent before collecting information on your vaccination status.
  3. For The iQ Group Global’s employees, evidence of vaccination status will be required to be provided to the People and Culture team before attendance in the workplace.
  4. Storage of your vaccination status will be kept confidential (and for employees as part of their employment record) and will only be used to mitigate risks by putting in place appropriate measures to support employees, clients and visitors to The iQ Group Global’s offices

Tax File Number

The iQ Group Global may request to collect and use your Tax File Number for taxation reporting purposes. You are not legally obliged to provide your Tax File Number to The iQ Group Global. There may, however, be financial consequences if you choose not to provide The iQ Group Global with your Tax File Number.

5.6       The iQ Group Global ensure to only collect information for the purpose of:

a)   Meeting its legal obligations;

b)  Identifying its current or potential customer/candidate;

c)   Providing products and services

 6      Maintaining Personal Information

6.1       The iQ Group Global takes all reasonable steps to secure any personal information from misuse, interference or unauthorised access or disclosure. Access to individual personal information is limited to our authorised employees who specifically need such access to perform their duties.

7      Disclosure of Personal Information

7.1       The iQ Group Global may disclose Personal Information to a relevant Government body if mandated, or to an authorised third-party provider, if necessary:

a)     By obtaining a consent from the individual;

b)    The disclosure is required or authorised by or under law or pursuant to court order

7.2       Personal Information may be used to advise you of any promotions or marketing initiatives that may be of interest to you. This may include information relating to new products or services offered by The iQ Group Global. You may request not to receive direct communication by unsubscribing from the newsletter or contacting The iQ Group Global at the contact details listed below.

Privacy Officer Email:

 8      Access to Personal Information

8.1       Individuals are welcome to request access to your personal information at any time by contacting an iQ Group Global representative.

8.2       The iQ Group Global may refuse or deny a request to access Personal Information if:

a.       It reasonably believes denying access is required or authorised by or under law or pursuant to court order;

b.      Reasonably believes that providing access would pose a serious threat to health or safety of any individual;

c.       The information relates to existing or anticipated legal proceedings;

d.      Providing access would be unlawful or likely to prejudice enforcement related activities conducted by, or on behalf of, an enforcement body.

9      Quality of the Personal Information

9.1       The iQ Group Global seeks to ensure that any Personal Information stored is accurate and current.

10    Concerns

10.1    The iQ Group Global is committed to ensuring that all Personal Information is confidential information in accordance to Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) or other relevant legislation. For raising any concerns relating to this policy, please contact People & Culture department at

11    Review

11.1    This procedure will be reviewed every two (2) years, or when legislative requirements change, or in the event of a serious occurrence.


The iQ Group Global reserves the right to vary, replace or terminate this policy from time to time.

Associated documents include but are not limited to:

  • PC_012 – Disclosure of Employment Records Policy

Policy version, revision and authorisation information


Policy authorized by: Marcelle Gammal Position: Director, People & Culture
Policy maintained by: Jennifer Howard Position: Manager, People & Culture