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Our full suite of Medical Affairs Services offers our clients tailored solutions from pre-launch right through to commercialisation and beyond.

We work as a team, our Medical Affairs people with our regulatory specialists and health economists. That way we have a 360 degree view of projects. A full scope of the services we offer is below…


Client Testimonial

“As a small Medtech company we didn’t have the expertise in house to complete an essential market access project that could accelerate our growth exponentially, if successful. After consultation with CRC they developed a logical and well devised plan within our limited budget.

Whilst we knew the use of our therapeutic products had the potential to save the public purse this also had to be proved in a local setting. This was achieved within the timeframe and as part of the greater plan. Sound guidance was then provided on presenting this data, built on a knowledge of past interactions with bureaucrats which eventually led to Government Reimbursement in a key market.

Thank you CRC on behalf of our small patient community and commercial team.”

Matt Harris
Country Manager Australia and New Zealand
Atos Medical Pty Ltd